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Nov 13, 2012 9:00pm PST
glimpses of paula broadwell at her brother's house in washington, d.c. broadwell is the alleged mistress of former cia director general david petraeus. the investigation is widening now in the petraeus scandal. it includes another general. general john allen. the man entrusted with winding down the nation war in afghanistan. martha explains what happened today. >>reporter: breath taking. within days 2 4 star generals so widely respected in the midst of scandal. first david petraeus and now general john allen being investigated for sending what the pentagon said were potentially inappropriate messages. putting on hold his likely promotion to become the supreme allied commander in europe. >> of course it weighs on him. as much as it ways on dave petraeus. i believe that davis very, very sad for what he has admitted he did. >> at the center of the web jill kelly. tampa socialite and honorary military ambassador living near where the head quarters where petraeus and allen were based. it was early this summer that kelly received anonymous e-mails accusing her of flaun flaunting her fr
Nov 12, 2012 9:00pm PST
during one of her research trips to afghanistan. >>> but morris coming out tonight about paula broadwell. sharon tonight with what has been learned so far. >> classmates voted her most likely to be remembered. no one thought it would be for this. paula broadwell was exceptional. high school valedictorian. homecoming queen. westport cadette. later a graduate student at harvard. chance meeting with petraeus would change everything. c-span revealing she approached him about research she was doing. >> he was kind enough to indulge me and take the paper and give me his business card. >>reporter: that research led to a book and lateary book tou tour. >> paula broadwell irngs she was reportedly having an affair with petraeus at the same time she was out promoting her book about him. >> awesome or incredibly awesome. >> he can turn water into bottled water. >> what? >>reporter: then 40-year-old often admired for her bicep and brain had a push up contest with jon stewart. her husband joining in. . those book tour interview now being viewed and reviewed. on the web site here. >> it's no
Nov 9, 2012 9:00pm PST
abc news the fbi was investigating petraeus's biographer paula broadwell for strange activity on the internet and then some e-mails were discovered in the course of that investigation that raised concerns. this is abc news washington. >> further into this, 2 weeks ago the fbi met with general petraeus. agents thought that petraeus computer had been hacked. they discovered evidence of his relationship with paula broadwell. broadwell is a graduate of the united states military academy at west point. she spent 15 years in the military. broadwell has described mr. petraeus as her mentor. she is married with two children. as for petraeus wife she works in the administration helping returning service member find financial security and fighting off bank that is prey on them while they are away. she and david petraeus as you heard have been married 37 years. hers is a military family. her great great grandfather fought in the civil war. her own father retired 4 star general. over the couple nearly 4 decades together the family moved 24 times following petraeus career. holly
Nov 11, 2012 9:00pm PST
to petraeus's biographer paula broadwell and that led to e-mails. >> she appealed to petraeus because of the combination of intellectual prowess and the faculty she is physically capable. >> abc news has learned that petraeus with her begin after he retired from the military twa is week later when he became c.i.a. director. friends say it ended four months ago about the time jill kelly received the e-mails. they also say it was petraeus that ended the relationship. friends expect he and his wife of 38 years holly to survive this. >> ama: authorities are allowing some residents returning to their homes after natural gas explosion killed two people. firefighters found two people. four other people had minor injuries. investigators spent the day looking for what caused that blast. >>> monday morning marks the end of the 2012 peak wildfire season in most of the bay area. california department of forestry and fire protection made the call. it covers three counties and central valleys including the west side of san joaquin and stanislaus counties. so far california has been hit by a 132 wil
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4